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Burning ambition to beat firewalk record

Published on 23/01/2006
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By Fiona MacLeod

A FORMER businessman is hoping to break the world record for the longest firewalk.

Scott Bell, of Great Orton, near Carlisle, will attempt to walk over 75 yards of hot coals at Belah School in Carlisle next Saturday.

Mr Bell, 46, hopes the attempt will not be too hot to handle as his feet touch temperatures of 1300F or above.

It's been a dream for him to break the 220ft record currently held by Canadian Amanda Dennison.

He said: "It's like walking over pebbles: you're not really aware of the heat at the time. You think about it afterwards. It makes you feel that if you can walk on fire you can do anything."

For Mr Bell and his wife firewalking is more than just a hot hobby.

He said: "I have been firewalking for a couple of years and we started our own business about six months ago.

"We travel the country doing firewalks for corporate, charity and public events."

Mr Bell's life changed at his first firewalk, run by an American motivation guru.

He said: "I felt there was more to this so I went to Sweden to learn how to become a firewalker myself."

Wife Diane, a teaching assistant at Belah, was intrigued by the idea of staying in the wilderness in a teepee so she went along too.

Since then even children Chloe, 12, and Adam, 14, have been getting in on the act.

Despite the science behind the phenomenon, which allows people to walk across fire without burning, Mr Bell admits there is a risk and makes all his clients sign a waiver.

Crucial to his attempt will be having confidence and walking purposefully.

He said: "The slightest doubt and you will burn. It's all about self-belief and listening to yourself."

Money raised from the record attempt, at 7pm on Saturday, will be split between Belah School and charity Carlisle Active (Mencap).