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Hot-footing it to casualty is doing nobody any favours

Published on 07/02/2006
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Brave: But Scott Bell ended up in hospital

FAR be it from me to knock a good charity idea, but Carlisle fire-walker Scott Bell must qualify for the award for the most stupid stunt so far in 2006.

His world record attempt, to raise money for a local school, ended up in a Newcastle hospital.

Scott's trip to hospital, although thankfully his injuries were minor, probably cost more than the amount he raised by his world record stunt of walking 75 yards across hot coals.

He fire-walks professionally for charities, public events and corporate team building days.

These barmy team building events are great - for the people who earn money by putting them on. But there's no evidence they create a better spirit among workers.

Only last week a corporate development company working in London was fined 3,000 with nearly 5,000 costs under health and safety regulations after a woman ended up in agony with burnt feet while doing a fire-walk challenge.

She was told the walk would imbue trust in others and overcome her fears. She finished up in the emergency ward at the nearby hospital.

By all means take up fire-walking if it's your thing, but don't expect anyone sensible to follow you.