Blaze is now committed to expanding into Europe by forming strategic alliances with firewalking experts in different countries who are requesting licences to use our 'Sponsored Firewalking' template.

We have started promoting the Blaze concept in Sweden and Dubai through our licensed representatives there and we can see great things ahead by working in unison with these like minded people.

If you are a firewalking instructor outside of the UK and you can see yourself wanting to be part of the team involved in raising a Hundred Million Pounds for worthy causes via sponsored firewalking in YOUR country, now is the time to contact us.

We intend to have only one quality partner in any one country to be our Blaze license holder.We do have very specific criteria in order for someone to become a Blaze affiliated partner and the quality of a firewalk instructors ethics is just as important as his or her qualifications to us.

We are not seeking instructors who just want to add 'another string to their bow', rather we are looking to affiliate to individuals or organisations who will be committed to the principle of creating massive help to the charities and worthy causes in their home country.

It is easy to find people who will do a token charity event now and again. We have those souls in our country too.

We want instructors who are dedicated to the vision of full time committed fundraising via our events.

In return we offer full back up and support, access to all of our resources and experience in this field and training in our methods here at our headquarters in the UK.

We start from the baseline understanding that there is no 'officially recognised certification' in the teaching of firewalking and allied disciplines. However, we know there are people who have great experience and expertise out there. So it does not matter to us what pieces of paper you possess regarding your qualification in the field...or even if you have none at all. Your expertise will become apparent to us very quickly and we will base our assessment on that alone.

Please note, we are not offering 'certification' via this process. We are no more 'official' than any other organisation in this arena - the only difference is that we acknowledge the fact!

Rather, we are seeking quality partners to attain our mutual goals of fundraising via firewalking.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a licensed Blaze affiliate, contact us at: