BLAZE Events

B.L.A.Z.E. Menu Of Events

Here is our menu of sponsored fundraising events.

They are designed to be presented in the sequence shown here, starting with our 'flag ship' event the Blaze firewalk challenge and building on the momentum from there with the next year being a Glass walk Challenge for those who have previously attended the Fire walking Challenge, and a Firewalk for those who just watched it last year. (This is called a 'Fire and Ice' event)

From then its an upward cascade with participants coming back year after year to complete the next personal challenge level with the people below them following them up the chain forming one continuous line of fundraising supporters, on a programme of events designed to take five or six years to complete the cycle!

Or, you can just do a regular Firewalking event each year as a lot of our clients like to do. Either way, its a winning formula.