When first deciding to host or be involved with a potentially hazardous event such as Fire walking or Glass walking, you will naturally want to choose the most expert and experienced team that you can find. Blaze has been established for many years now and at any one time we have five fully qualified and experienced fire teams on staff. The fact that the very concept of 'doing a sponsored Firewalk for charity' is the sole intellectual property of Blaze will of course be a testament to our experience and expertise in the field.

We have been developing and driving this forward for well over two decades now. We have even been featured in main stream advertising because of our firewalking expertise.

Due to our unrivalled success in this arena some unscrupulous individuals are trying to emulate our operation. People who are looking to make a quick buck while riding on the creativity and hard work of others. When choosing a Fire walking supplier, it pays to do your research thoroughly. We suggest to start with that you ask them for contact details for the last one hundred separate jobs they have taught on, especially in the last year. That will often conclude the conversation straight away. Or, ask them who taught them. And then who taught their teachers. And who taught their teachers teachers. If at any point you get to the 'naked hippy in the woods' story, well, you know you have reached the end of the line. (Normally within three sentences too) Our point is: If you went to a martial arts school and the teacher did not know who taught HIS/HER teacher, you would start to wonder about their depth of knowledge, right?

The ramifications of working with a 'cowboy' instructor (and be warned, there are a LOT of them out there...) would be very painful for your volunteers and very costly for your organisation. If you are contemplating hosting a charity event with a non Blaze certified instructor firstly ask yourself "if this individual has the moral ambiguity to plagiarise the idea in the first place, what other questionable practices are they capable of? And do I want my charity associated or tarred with the same brush?"

Then call Blaze on 0115 840 4329 and we will swiftly run their name against those in our archive. We have a listing of the names of every single fire walking instructor in the UK so we can soon give you the background on their level of 'expertise'. We also have studious records of every single fire walking event ran by these 'others' that went wrong or where volunteers got injured and we are always vigilant against these people being let loose on an unsuspecting public again.

From our point of view, the only certain way of protecting both the general public and our 'brain child' of sponsored fire walking is by making sure that all charity fire walking events are ran by Blaze certified staff!

There is a saying that if 'you pay peanuts, you get monkeys' and that was never truer than when contemplating an event of this nature.

'Price' is not the key criteria that you should judge it on. Getting a 'good deal' on an event but having your charity's name splashed all over the front pages for all the WRONG reasons is the definition of false economy.

Protect yourself, protect your charity's good name and protect the health of your volunteers too.

Insist on only the best for your event. Insist on Blaze.

DISCLAIMER: Fire walking, Glass walking, Board breaking and all the other events offered by Blaze are potentially very dangerous. Any information given within these pages is solely for informational purposes. Under no circumstances are you being encouraged to try this activity without the supervision of a fully qualified B.L.A.Z.E instructor.

Should you do so, you are accepting full responsibility for your consequences and actions.