Meet The Team!

Blaze Staff

Here at Blaze we are a 'real' business.

By that, we mean we have a whole suite of offices AND our own full time, 'state of the art' training academy for running firewalking events at!

We have been at our present location here in the heart of Sherwood in Nottingham for going on six years now and we welcome professional fundraisers to visit us here at our HQ.

We make that point because we are the only people in the country who have committed the time and resources to running things in a professional way.

However, just because we are professional does not mean we are impersonal. There is a lot more to 'being professional' than just doing it for a living. This is a 'people' business and we love building relationships with our clients. Often these are relationships which stretch across the years. People know what they are getting when they engage Blaze.

Every other firewalking 'organisation' that has sprang up in the last ten years (On the back of our success) are just 'one man and his dog' kinda business's. Their wife answers the phone and they turn up with some mates to build a fire. They are working out of the back bedroom on a computer but 'running a front' as though they are an established, credible business venture. Maybe they rent a slick cyber phone answering service and have a pompous authoritarian web address, indicating that they are the British/European/Universal/Pan Galactic Firewalking Union/Association/Circle of Ultimate Fire Masters..whatever. Bless them.

(Note to webmaster - Actually, that's not a bad idea. Maybe we should register the web address www.pan galactic circle of ultimate firewalking, get an answer service and a singing and dancing website,Put on loads of events which are not really happening to create the impression that we are REALLY busy,sit back and watch the money pour in. Lets join the lemmings in the big

When you call Blaze, you will be talking to an expert in running firewalking charity events. Our phones are manned by the same people who will come and run your event. These are people who run firewalking events week in, week out, 52 weeks a year.

In 2005 alone, we have organised over 300 SEPARATE charity events. That's over 20,000 people walking safely over hot coals who combined have generated over 1.7 million pounds for worthy causes in both the UK and abroad.

You just cant beat that level of expertise.

Personally, we don't stay static, neither does Blaze. It keeps changing, evolving and developing just like people do. Ten years ago someone asked us how we saw Blaze's future and we said, "We'll keep doing this till it isn't fun anymore. Then we'll do something different."

What keeps it fun is the relationships we have with our clients, our colleagues and our work. We have a commitment to innovation and to 'moving the furniture' every six months to keep things fresh. We don't believe in the concept of 'failure'. We keep looking for other ways to do things. We like overturning the status quo so we can see what's on the other side.

We're quirky, creative, accessible, unpredictable, adventurous and dead serious about giving our clients the absolute best charity fundraising events that they can get.