Blaze In The Media


Blaze has created many firewalks, glasswalks and board breaks for television. Below is a sample of photos taken from various programmes. The photos change every three seconds. To view an alternative programme please use the links on the left.

Fussy Eaters

Blaze On The Box Again

In November of 2006, Blaze were contracted to the TV show 'Brainiac' to provide its expert services in helping explain the physics behind such seemingly 'Impossible' acts such as lying on a bed of nails, breaking concrete across peoples chests and of course our other area of expertise walking on red hot coals unharmed.
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Blaze On The Good Morning Show

Very recently, the firewalking experts from Blaze were called in to play a part in a very exciting project on National Television. The ITV show 'This Morning' has been working on a segment in their show which is dedicated to the empowerment of some of its viewers.
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Hall Of Flame

In the first week of October 2005, our expertise in facilitating 'out of the ordinary' events for TV was called upon once again. Martin Sterling received a phone call from TV's favourite life coach Pete Cohen.
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