Hall Of Flame

Looking Good, Feeling Great

In the first week of October 2005, our expertise in facilitating 'out of the ordinary' events for TV was called upon once again. Martin Sterling received a phone call from TV's favourite life coach Pete Cohen. Pete has worked with Blaze on numerous occasions for his popular TV appearances regarding bringing about personal change and whenever he wants a stand out physical example of the principles he teaches, naturally he enlists our services to demonstrate in our own inimitable fashion.

(Blaze staff have had the pleasure of working with Pete on GMTV's 'Inch Loss Island' as well as twice on 'House of Fear' and on his own show called 'The Coach' so it was a pleasure to add the new show 'Looking good, feeling great' to that list.Besides, it's always good to work with old friends)

We were happy to be involved in filming four different segments over two days and the location was Pete's charming country residence near the south coast.

On the first day Pete brought to us a female client who had confidence issues regarding weight loss and self image but after blasting her hand straight through a one inch thick solid pine board, she was soon looking at things in a different light.


This accelerated change was further boosted just after sunset as a classic Blaze firewalk put the lid on her self doubts for good :-)


Day two commenced with a second female client that Pete was working his personal transformation magic on. She had issues with control in her life so firstly we exposed her to what it is to have to totally trust someone. Martin Sterling firstly demonstrated breaking a solid concrete block across the shins of one of the Blaze team and then, through a sequence of controlled breathing and positive visual imagery, helped her access the 'stillness' inside needed to achieve this herself.


She found this to be a very emotional experience but it was nothing compared to her final challenge of walking across a bed of broken glass in the afternoon :-)


Needless to say, under the careful eye and expert tutorledge of Martin and the Blaze team, she emerged from these experiences as a changed person in the way she viewed her old challenges.

You can see these ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things by catching the show when it is broadcast.

'Looking good, feeling great' is hosted by Fern Britten and was aired in a mid afternoon slot on the ITV network all over the UK in February 2006