Where the hand of man has never set foot!

The longest Inverted Fire walk in the World Ever!

On the 16th of November 2005 on the programme The Wild Book of Records, Arran Carver of Blaze walked over 50 metres on red hot coals on his bare hands!!

In the history of the world, no-one had ever set out to traversed a firebed in this way and its pretty unlikely they ever will again!

He had been training for 6 weeks for the event and had been regularly hand walking 200 ft every day at Blaze HQ. A rigorous programme of hand and wrist conditioning was essential, as was constant rehearsal across increasingly longer distances of hot coals.

He was supported by a team of 6 fire building experts from Blaze, as well as his firewalking coach Martin Sterling who oversaw the whole record attempt.

A 25 metre fire pit was constructed to very exacting standards by the expert Blaze team and was allowed to burn down for an hour before being finally prepared.

At a given signal, Arran ventured out into the firebed and travelled on his bare hands from one end of the coal pit to the other - and then back again! An incredible 50 metres from end to end!!

He was supported in his venture by our Blaze stunt co-ordinator Tony Ferrol and Project manager Shaun Wheatly, and By Summer Welsh and Joanne Marriot, Jo Savage and Daniel Plater.

From all of us at Blaze, Congratulations to the whole team and well done to Arran Carver, the worlds first Pyronaut!!