Bar Bending

Going on a 'Bender' for charity........

What is Bar bending?

It's the art of bending a solid steel length of 're-bar' by resting the end on your throat and...pushing!

Knowing the secrets behind bar bending can improve your health, your fitness, business and career!

It's an incredible opportunity to challenge and change limiting beliefs and fears and to create some very powerful and resourceful emotional states within yourself, so that you can consistently access these kind of states when you need them.

Reaching your goals is not an accident. You will definitely go home with the knowledge you need to succeed; knowledge you can use again and again for the rest of your life.

For most of us, we are committed to go beyond our personal best. In the bar bending event, we learn how to access controlled focus and trust ourselves to push the envelope to see, think, and experience ourselves transcending our limiting belief system and raising personal growth to a new level.

Bar bending is one of the most transformational events that anyone can experience and is even more fascinating as it has a double-barrelled effect. Not only does a Bar bend make a huge and lasting impression on the individual, but it has an awesome bonding result for a team.