Firewalking: Party In The Dark!

Meeting Fear With Courage

What is fire walking? It's the practice of walking barefoot across a bed of burning coals without getting burned. Fire walking is a powerful tool designed to help transform fear and to inspire people to do things they initially didn't think possible, It can show you that there is more to 'reality' than you think, that many limitations which people experience in life are self-imposed, and that you can actually create your own reality in your work, family and intimate relationships.

Can you imagine how great it would feel when you are able to overcome your self-limiting beliefs and turn them into power?

So much more than just a fire walking course, it concerns how life can be infinitely more satisfying if you were to muster your focus and run your brain the way you want rather than letting your brain run you.

Blending a combination of no-nonsense, easily explainable scientific principals with proven motivational skills, it will take participants to a level of such unbridled euphoric excitement that they will not just want to walk on fire, they will be foaming at the bit with a wanton desire to get over it and start smashing through their previously "impossible" barriers.

Perhaps the single most destructive force preventing people from achieving their goals and dreams is fear. Fear is the barrier, which stands in the way of success, risk-taking and achievement. Through confronting, overcoming and transcending one of the most common and fundamental human fears, participants learn that their limitations are not intrinsic or inevitable, but rather the result of self-limiting beliefs and fears. They can then apply these insights to situations in their lives, which they wish to change.

Participants on this event often report experiencing a huge mind-shift when they realize that they can make fear their servant rather than their master.

Take ACTION now and have a glimpse into your limitless possibilities!!

Please note: It is essential that all firewalkers attend the 'Learn or Burn' seminar prior to the walk. The decision 'to walk' or 'not to walk' is a powerful one and we ask that they save making that decision until they have been fully trained, therefore, all participants must be over the age of 16 and be capable of making that decision without influence from drugs or alcohol. Clients will be refused entry to the firewalk if this is suspected.